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I know how overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating it is to feel unsure of how to share your transformational work in a way that also helps you get paid.

The truth is that what works for some doesn’t work for everyone. Let’s find YOUR way.

Hey Love! I’m  Jaena

Helping conscious entrepreneurs figure out how to share their divine gifts online, attract amazing clients, and make money with their transformational work is what gives me LIFE! I’ve been a self-employed, conscious entrepreneur since 2004 and I know a few things… 

I know for sure that everyone has a Divine Mission, a soul purpose and a unique gift only they can share with the world. I know we each have a birthright to be abundantly supported as we strive to live and work in alignment with our Divine Mission.

And I also know you can make money with any passion if you clearly articulate it’s value and get it in front of the peeps who desperately need and desire it.

I offer Power Hour Intuitive Strategy Sessions, Quick-and-Dirty Thirty Minute Intuitive Focus Sessions and customized Elite Coaching programs. Whether you’re brand spankin’ new to conscious biz or a somewhat-seasoned soulpreneur, I can help you:


  • Get more clear on your Divine Mission
  • Develop a cohesive brand to showcase your gifts and attract amazing clients
  • Overcome overwhelm and get in the right mindset for making the magic happen  

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About Jaena

If you have the opportunity to work with Jaena DO IT!!! Since I started working with Jaena everything I work on has flourished and I feel centered and energized.

Marianne Krager

Owner, CEO, MK Housing Compliance Solutions

You don't have to be a business or tech ninja. You've already got what it takes to do this.

If you're ready to get massive clarity on your Divine Mission and get your transformational work in front of the people who need it, let's make it happen. You don't have to go it alone anymore. I'm here to help. It's time to get clear and get paid!