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Jaena Moynihan Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach


Do you feel stuck, at a crossroad, or “in the dark”? Would you like some advice, direction, and solutions from a different perspective? Clients often say a session with Jaena is like “talking with an old friend who knows you very well”. Find out if Jaena could also help you!

Meet Jaena

Feel A Connection

Jaena Moynihan’s Spiritual Counseling sessions provide validation and meaningful connections. Learn about your greater purpose, the meaning behind things, and a fuller way to experience your world.

Discover Spiritual Counseling

Make A Change

Transformational Coaching can help you discover your purpose, access your potential, and create the best version of your life possible. Make your life AMAZING!

Learn About Transformational Coaching

Get Answers.

Jaena Moynihan can help you find answers and solutions when you’re at a crossroad. Her advice is practical and sensible.

Increase Peace.

Most clients report feeling a greater sense of peace and calm immediately after a session with Jaena Moynihan.

Learn Something.

Jaena’s years of experience in the holistic field can help confusing concepts become easier to implement.

Be Validated.

Jaena will help you discover and validate your deepest truths, then activate and catalyze awareness into action.

When I was at a very low point in my life, Jaena’s work gave me hope and something to hold to. I would highly recommend her service to anyone in need.



Lisa in Phoenix, AZ

Feel Better in Less Than an Hour

All of Jaena Moynihan’s sessions are 50 minutes. That’s plenty of time to touch on several topics or deeply explore just a few, but not so much to disrupt your busy life. Whether it’s Transformational Coaching or a Spiritual Counseling session, you will feel the benefits right away. 

  • Clarity 100%
  • Peace 100%
  • Insight 100%
  • Direction 100%

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If you have any questions, send me a message! I’m happy to help.

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I can’t wait to connect with you. Book your session so we can help you find the answers you need and get the peace your want.

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