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Everyone wants to know more about what they were born to do and who they were born to serve.
It’s called a Divine Mission.
Many of us also like the idea of living life on our own terms, getting paid well for doing soul-satisfying work and experiencing healthy, loving relationships.
Some of us also really love what others would call “woo woo” or “spiritual shit”.
Cards. Crystals. Channeled messages from the Universe… you name it, we love it.
Well honey, if it’s Woo, I’m your Boo.
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Divine Mission. 

I can help you whether you’re:  

  • A spiritual newbie coming into awareness of your divine gifts and looking to deepen your understanding of them
  • Someone who already has a certain level of spiritual awareness and wants to enrich their connection with Life, Spirit, and the Universe
  • An emerging entrepreneur who’s ready to answer a divine calling, share your gifts with the world and get your first client OR
  • A seasoned conscious warrior searching for the best ways to share your transformational work and take your biz to a new level
I know how overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating it is to feel unsure of how to share your transformational work in a way that also helps you get paid.
Hey Love! I’m  Jaena.


I was a very different kid.
I felt and saw things others didn’t and was fascinated by everything related to spirituality, tarot cards and all kinds of psychic stuff.

I gave my first readings at 12 years old to a passerby in the mall after shoplifting my first thing: a deck of tarot cards.

From Spencer’s Gifts.

In the mall. In the 80’s.
Like, gag me with a deck of cards… I was a Divine Rebel!

I got a lot of attention from bullies because I liked “weird” stuff and also because I was really a girl in a boys body. 

After coming out of the LGBT closest at age 16 and finding my way into gay culture and the world of drag performance. I learned what it meant to be transgendered and identified myself as such at age 19. 
I ended up being one of the lucky ones; after a lot of family therapy and a few doctors visits, my parents understood what was going on with me, accepted me and helped me get the medical care I needed in order to fully transition into a woman at age 22.



your way
You don’t have to be a business or tech ninja. You’ve already got what it takes to do this.

If you’re ready to get massive clarity on your Divine Mission and get your transformational work in front of the people who need it, let’s make it happen.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore. I’m here to help.

If you have the opportunity to work with Jaena DO IT!!! Since I started working with Jaena everything I work on has flourished and I feel centered and energized.
Marianne Krager

Owner, CEO, MK Housing Compliance Solutions

Jaena has been a bright light in my life. Her holistic coaching is helping me reach levels in my life (both personal and business) that I haven’t tapped into before. She is authentic, challenging, genuine, a source of inspiration, motivating, resourceful, knowledgable, and dedicated. I have been trained in coaching and have worked with coaches over the last 8 years, and Jaena’s approach has been the best yet for my life. Her style is helping me be more of me, and I am very grateful. Jaena Moynihan is the real deal!
Amy Freeman

Motivational Speaker for Women's Empowerment, Enlighten Women

Jaena is a clarity creator.  Sometimes in life we need to tap into something we can’t see. Jaena is a channel for us to connect to ourselves in a deeper, more loving and true way. I am a yoga teacher with high passions for making a difference in the world and in other’s lives. She not only helps me to dive deeper in myself, but sets the space for me to find the growth in my own time so that I can be a better teacher and a better light to shine on the rest of the world. You are an angel Jaena. Thank you!
Maggie Carvalho

Yoga Teacher & Owner, Modify Yoga-Spa-Cafe

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